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Signal transmission system

On moving doors and gates ASO-signal transmission systems INDUS have the task to transmit the signal from the moving safety contact edge maintenance- and wear free to the safety relay. This safety relay guarantees a high level of safety by redundancy.

All INDUS signal transmission systems are tested according to the current safety standards. During the production process the systems are tested several times to ensure high quality and safety for the user.

  • INDUS compact
    INDUS compact
    The new INDUS Compact requires no additional energy demand of mobile electronics and provides a system that is simple to install...
  • ISK 70-755Article number: 1203-0020
    ISK 70-755
    Safety category:
    Cat. 2 PL d complies EN 13849
    Voltage supply: 24 V DC
    Details Note
  • ISK 71-242Article number: 1204-0100
    ISK 71-242
    Safety category:
    Cat. 3 PL d according DIN EN ISO 13849
    Voltage supply: 24 V AC / DC
    Details Note
  • ISK 74-312Article number: 1206-0060
    ISK 74-312
    Safety category:
    Cat. 3 PL d according DIN EN ISO 13849
    Voltage supply: 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 24 V AC/DC
    Details Note
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Your overall benfits

  • Attractive design
  • Various options for any type of specification
  • Efficient installation
  • Durable and non-wearing
  • Compact construction

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